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Isaac Mendez
12 March 1979
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Six Word Stories

2006, November 7th. Having painted his own death numerous times, Isaac Mendez retreats from New York and goes into hiding. A day later, New York explodes, and time continues on in much the same way as Hiro Nakamura witnessed in his trip to 2011.

2007, March 16th. Isaac Mendez accidentally draws the death of a young girl, and is instrumental in rescuing her with the help of a man named Aaron Rosen. Later that year, the Petrelli family is found brutally murdered in their home.

2008, September 24th. Isaac Mendez and a small group of Special people, including Hiro and Peter, organize a mass-break out of the Special Prison Moab, and formally creates the Rebellion with those rescued

2010, June 10th. Elle Bishop defects to the Rebels, and works as an undercover agent against President Petrelli, now known to the rebellion as Sylar.

Lyle Bennet joined the rebels to find Claire, after Sandra was killed, and he discovered he had the ability to hit anything he aimed at. Molly Walker joined the rebels after Isaac rescued her from an attempt on her life by Sylar, and became a surrogate daughter to him. Aaron joined in an effort to orchestrate a mass break out of Moab, and stayed on to provide shelter for the growing rebellion. West joined the rebellion in the same breakout. Zachary joined late into the rebellion after discovering the ability to find items with his mind.

Micah is in contact with Niki and Peter, but lives among the rebels.

DL was killed early in the rebellion, along with Hana and Noah Bennet.

Adam Monroe works as a rogue agent, occasionally contributing to rebel efforts, and generally remaining unknown.


Isaac Mendez 1st, Leader
Molly Walker 2nd, Strategist
Lyle Bennet 3rd, Tactician
Elle Bishop 4th, Intelligence
West Rosen 5th, Scout
Aaron Rosen 6th, Evac/Excavation
Monica Dawson, Lieutenant, Training
Zachary Teller, Member, Mapping
Claire Bennet, Member
Peter Petrelli, Member
Hiro Nakamura, Member
Niki Petrelli, Member

Established Relationships

Peter-Niki = Married, working toward children [Married 2010]
Peter-Claire = Overprotective and occasionally antagonistic uncle
Isaac-Elle = On-and-off lovers [2010]
Isaac-Molly = Surrogate family
Isaac-Lyle = Mutual respect
Lyle-Claire = Close, overprotective siblings

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